Biochemical Effect of Damperidone on Cardiac Functions after Induction of Peptic Ulcer in Albino Rats

M.K.Mahfouz 1, S.A.Mostafa2, A.Amen2, A.Abd El-Baky3, N.Nagy"


The objective of the present study was to evaluate the biochemical effect of Domperidone on the cardiac functions after induction of peptic ulcer on albino rats. Sixty white male albino rats, average body weight 200-250 gm and 12-16 weeks old were used in the experimental investigation of the study. Rats were randomly divided into two large groups Group A consist of thirty rats divided into three subgroups (subgroup G1,G2,G3) and this group is completely healthy without ulcer induction receiving Domperidone three times per day half an hour before meal each sub group receives a different dose using subgroup G1 as control. Group B consist of thirty rats undergo stomach ulcer induction and it is divided in to three subgroup (subgroup G4,G5,G6) receiving Domperidone three times per day half an hour before meal with different doses according to the subgroup. Blood samples were collected for biochemical examination three times during the study after one week, two weeks and four weeks. Tissue specimens where taken from heart for histopathological examination. We found elevated levels of Troponin (cTnT), CK-MB, LDH, and AST in groups treated with high doses of Domperidone and results was time dependent. Histopathological examination of heart showing coagulative necrosis, swollen, vacuolated myocytes with disruption and hyperesinophilia.

Key words

Domperidone, CK-MB, (cTnT), Stomach ulcer.