Assessment of Biogenic Amines in some Fishes at Kalyobia Governorate

S.M. l-Khabaz1, H.M.Ibrahim2 and R.A.Amin2"


A grand total of 90 random samples of fresh fish samples represented by Nile fish(Oreochromis niloticus, Clarias lazera & Bagrus bayad)(15 of each) and marine fish(Sardine, Saurus, Pagrus)(15 of each) were collected randomly from different fish markets in Benha, Kalyobia governorate for determination of histamine and putrescine using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The results showed that 80%, 86.67% and 100% of Nile fish samples were positive for the presence of histamine residues for Bagrus bayad, Tilapianiloticus and Clarias lazera, respectively. Concerning to marine fish, the positive samples for histamine in samples from Pagrus, Saurus and Sardine were 93.33%, 100% and 100%, respectively. While, concerning to putrescine residues in Nile fish, the positive samples were 53.33%, 60% and 80% in Bagrus bayad, Tilapia niloticus and Clarias lazera, respectively; and in marine fish 66.67%, 80% and Pagrus, Saurus and Sardine, respectively. The public health significance of histamine and putrescine residues in fish and some recommendations to control their presence were discussed.

Key words

Fish meat, Fresh fish, Histamine, Putrescine, HPLC .