Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling for Closed Greenhouse during the Summer Peak Hours

A.E.Newir1, M.A.Ibrahim1, M. A. Halawa2, O.E. Abdellatif3"


Energy saving in greenhouses is a key objective in the world, especially in the summer. So it is necessary to design cooling systems that saving energy and reach temperatures below 30 inside the greenhouse and maintaining it almost consistently to sustain the operation of the greenhouse. The objective of this study is to make a direct evaporative system (Fan –Pads) in case A and adding indirect evaporative system (cooling tower) plus fan-pads system in case Band made a comparison between them, also study the effect of each of them with respect to the outside temperature. The experiments conducted in October 6 University, 6 October city, Giza, Egypt at summer rush hours. The results was maintain the temperature variation under 30 during the day rush hours, especially in the area designated for the growth of plants inside the greenhouse.

Key words

Greenhouse, Direct evaporative cooling, Indirect evaporative cooling.