Different Methods for Inactivation, Purification and Concentration of FMD Virus during Vaccine Manufacture

G.F.El-Bagoury1, E.M.El-Nahas1, M.A.Saad2 and M.S.Abusenna2"


Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a highly infectious disease in cloven- hoofed animals, the vaccination is widely used to control, eradicate and prevent FMD infection. This current study investigates the effective methods for inactivation, purification and concentration of FMD antigens, it was found that inactivation of the virus by BEI-FA and Concentration and purification of the antigen by PEG precipitation with aid of filtration were suitable for production of inactivated polyvalent highly potent FMD vaccine while the results for evaluation of the final product showed purity of the prepared vaccine from NSP which will be useful to discriminate between infected and vaccinated animals, high protection level more than the local commercial vaccine.

Key words

Concentration of FMD antigens, FMD vaccine, Foot and mouth disease, Inactivation, Livestock , Purification , Serological tests.