Electrochemical Removal of Brown HT using Solar Cell as a Source of Electric Energy

G.O.El-Sayed, S.M.Reda and A.E.Fahmy"


The removal of Brown HT dye from aqueous media by two electrochemical methods: electro oxidation and electrocoagulation. A photovoltaic cell producing about 6.3 V was used as an electric power source to minimize the process cost. Two graphite electrodes were used for electro oxidation, while iron electrodes were used for electrocoagulation. Different parameters affecting decolorization process were examined and evaluated. The optimum pH for maximum dye removal was about 10.0 for the two techniques. The two methods applied were fast and causing complete decolorization within about 30 min. The rate of decolorization depends on initial dye concentration, pH and salinity of the working solution.

Key words

Brown HT, Electro oxidation, Electrocoagulation, Photovoltaic Cell .