Cerebro-Umbilical Ratio at 30-34 weeks Gestation as A Prognostic Parameter for Pregnancy and Adverse Neonatal Outcomes

A.E.El Mashad , M.A.Mahmoud , A.S.Ebrahem and Y.A.Saeed"


Fetal cerebral dissemination normally shows a high opposition example of stream in the MCA. There is a typical physiologic reaction of MCA enlargement in babies presented to intense or ceaseless hypoxia, bringing about a reductionin fetal MCA PI. Umbilical corridor and center cerebral conduit Doppler ultrasound unmistakably delineate the data about placental obstruction and the adjustments in the fetal hemodynamics in light of it. The cerebral-umbilical proportion stays steady during the most recent 10 weeks of incubation and gives preferred symptomatic precision over either vessels pulsatility list (PI) alone. The current examination is forthcoming associate investigation which was completed at Benha University Hospital (outpatient center). The investigation included 90 pregnant ladies at 30-multi week incubation introduced for antenatal consideration and afterward followed till conveyance. There are factually huge relations between CUR level and gestational age, nearness of comorbid diabetes and hypertension, method of conveyance, APGAR score and NICU affirmation. There is measurably critical positive relationship among's CUR and both maternal age and APGAR score. The best cutoff of CUR in expectation of nonattendance of requirement for crisis CS is ≥ 0.94. Additionally, the best cutoff of CUR in expectation of nonappearance of requirement for NICU affirmation is ≥1.0075. Mutt is prescient of expanded obstetric intercession rates and unfriendly perinatal and neonatal results and might be helpful in certain high danger gatherings. Cerebro_umbilical proportion shows high exactness in contrast with center cerebral supply route and umbilical conduit Doppler alone so it is proficient test for anticipation and mediation.

Key words

Doppler ultrasonography, Uteroplacental circulation (circle of Willis), Fetal hypoxemia, Cerebro-umbilical ratio.