Prevalence of Childhood Asthma in Preschool Children in Qalyubiya Governorate

A.A.Sobieh , A.S.Shahin and M.S.Ali"


Asthma is a genuine worldwide medical issue. Individuals of any age in nations all through the world are influenced by this constant aviation route issue that when uncontrolled can put extreme cutoff points on day by day life and is now and then lethal, it is more common in youngsters than in grown-ups. It was accounted for that the predominance of asthma is increasing.The point of the examination was to decide the commonness pace of bronchial asthma in a preliminary to recognize the extent of the issue of asthma and to distinguish some of hazard factors expanding the pervasiveness of it among preschool kids from 2-6years old in Qalubyia Governorate utilizing the ISAAC survey, 1000 understudies were remembered for this investigation (475 were guys and 525were females). in the period from Novaber 2019 to April 2020.The consequences of this poll among examined youngsters (1000 kid) indicated that: 164 (16.4%) of considered understudies were asthmatics. Our investigation as respects sexual orientation and its connection to youth asthma demonstrated that, the predominance of asthma in male kids was 17.5% and in female youngsters was 15.4% and this distinction was measurably insignificant(P<0.05). days was increasingly regular in a time of 1–3 days. Determination: There was a high pervasiveness of asthma among kids. Asthma was found to influence rest of kids in a few viewpoints. The instructive degree of guardians had no impact on the predominance of asthma.

Key words

Asthma, Asthma prevalence, Children asthma.