Comparison between the Results of Management of Recent Unstable Proximal Femoral Fractures by Proximal Femoral Nailing and Locked Plating

M.A.Mashhour, A.A.Ahmed, E.M.Bayoumyand S.M.Salem"


Careful adjustment of the intertrochanteric cracks and early activation of the patients are the ideal treatment to forestall the confusions of delayed immobilization, aside from in patients with clinical issues in whom medical procedure is contraindicated. The Dynamic hip screw (DHS) has been the norm and the best archived embed in rewarding intertrochanteric breaks and in a few randomized preliminaries it has been related with lower difficulties and reoperation rates. Also, it is a more affordable embed, however hypothetically it has a biomechanical drawback in view of a more extensive separation between the weight bearing pivot and the embed A sum of 20 instances of shaky proximal femoral breaks were incorporated, and they were partitioned into two equivalent gatherings; the principal bunch experienced PFN, while the other one experienced LP. Follow up visits was at 1st,3rd,6th weeks and third and sixth months in outpatient facility and results were recorded. Altered Harris Hip Score had a middle of 88 and 85 in the femoral nail and bolted plate bunches separately (p = 0.114). Postponed association was experienced uniquely in one case in the bolted plate gathering, while it was not experienced in the other gathering (p = 0.345). Radiological assessment uncovered a middle score of 3 in both examination gatherings. all the inserts in their own privilege are magnificent modalities in the administration of unsteady proximal cracks of the femur. Precarious proximal femoral cracks with rotational mal-arrangement issues were dealt with best by PFN. Precarious proximal femoral cracks particularly with expanded comminution do give a choice to be fixed by LP.

Key words

Proximal Femoral Nailing