Combination of lactic acid 15% and Trichloro-Acetic Acid 3.75% Chemical Peeling Versus Platelet-Rich Plasma in Treatment of Infraorbital Dark Circles

H.H.Sabry, A.I.Mustafa, S. H.Eldein"


While compound stripping has been utilized to treat an assortment of facial pigmentary messes, there are no randomized-control concentrates on the adequacy of substance stripping for the treatment of periocular hyperpigmentation. We intended to assess the adequacy and wellbeing of shallow compound stripping procedure comprising of blend of Lactic corrosive (LA) 15% and Trichloroacetic corrosive (TCA) 3.75% in gel recipe and contrasting it and intradermal infusion of PRP in the treatment of inrfaorbital dark circles. 60 patients experiencing periorbital dark circles (PODC)was devided to 2 geoups of treatment. Gathering A: Thirty patients with periorbital dark circles and skin types III, or IV were remembered for the investigation. Patients will be treated with effective use of Lactic corrosive 15% and TCA 3.75% in gel equation .The ffect was photograph reported, and a patient's and doctor's worldwide appraisal was assessed. Gathering B: Another 30 will be treated with intradermal autologous platelet rich plasma infusion into the periorbital zone. The treatment course will comprise of six meetings once every other week. the level of progress of PODC rewarded with concoction stripping in bunch A was seen as incredible in 16.70% of the patients, while indicating great in half , reasonable and helpless outcome in 20% and 13.30 of them, separately. None of the patients' skin turned out to be more regrettable or didn't react to the treatment. Measurably huge improvement in the evaluation of PODC was accounted for (p < 0.004). We presumed that the two strategies for treatment were similarly viable in the treatment of PODC, with the improvement of PODC saw from the main treatment meeting for both substance stripping and carboxytherapy. Compound stripping was greatly improved in the treatment of pigmented sort of PODC, with insignificant endured reactions.

Key words

lactic acid 15%Ùˆ Trichloro-Acetic Acid 3.75%, Infraorbital Dark Circles