Expert Tibial Intramedullary Nailing For proximal and Distal Tibial Fractures

M.Mashhour, E.M.Bayomy, S.A.Shoulah, M. E.Elkady"


Fractures of the proximal or distal thirds of the tibia are one of the most challenging injuries in orthopedic. A few strategies have been portrayed m the decision of procedure relies upon numerous elements including crack arrangement, bone quality, delicate tissue injury and accessible equipment.Intramedullary nailing might be powerful in dealing with these breaks even with straightforward articular augmentation, yet care should be taken with decrease and sufficient screws locking to forestall malalignment and ceaseless knee agony may likewise be an issue. This investigation included 20 patients with distal and proximal tibial breaks rewarded with intramedullary nail with multidirectional proximal and distal locking screws (Expert tibial nail). The time of follow up was up to 6months utilizing certain scoring frameworks. The suggestive and useful assessment results were reviewed by the models by Johner and Wruh's Criteria According to Johner and Wruh's measures, 45.0% of patients indicated great rules, 30.0% were brilliant, 15.0% were reasonable and just 10.0% were poor. Two cases created deferred association (10%), two cases built up Sudeck's decay (10%), one case created malunion (5%), one case created nonunion(5%) and foremost knee torment was found in four cases (20%). So front knee torment spoke to the most widely recognized intricacy in this study.Treatment of proximal and distal thirds tibial cracks utilizing master tibial intramedullary nail (with multidirectional locking screws) is a protected and acknowledged strategy option in contrast to customary nail and plating procedure. This structure of the embed helps in accomplishing stable obsession and improved securing most extraarticular tibial cracks.

Key words

Expert Tibial Intramedullary Nailing,Distal Tibial Fractures