Does Studying Circumstances of the Woman Affect Her Sexual Life?

I.Y.Abd-Allah , D.M.El-Habak and R.A.Abd-elmaksoud"


Education is one of the most far reaching requirements for development. Combining work commitment, family responsibilities, and school obligations may be very complex and tasking. evaluate the impact of studying circumstances of women on various aspects of their sexual life. The study was performed on 400 married women aged 20 to ≥ 40years. Participants were divided into 2 groups, the studying group (300 cases of married, studying and sexually active women) and the control group (100 cases not studying, married and sexually active women). Each participant was asked to fill the questionnaire. There were highly significant differences between the 2 groups regarding sexual desire, orgasm, emotional satisfaction and sexual satisfaction. While there was a highly significant correlation between the 2 studied groups regarding sexual arousal, lubrication and pain. studying circumstances form a great stress on studying women and applied a negative impact on their sexual life.

Key words

Education, Studying, Sexual life.