Doppler and Ultrasound Assessment of Placental Implantation Abnormalities in Post Caesarean

H.M.Farouk1, M.R.Fayed2 and N.A.Arabi1"


Placenta accreta has now become an important aetiology of maternal morbidity and mortality. The condition is defined as abnormal adherence of the placenta to the uterus.useColour Doppler and ultrasound for assessment of placental implantation abnormalities in post caesarean females.The examine including 50 female patients with agdistis went starting with 19 will 40 a considerable length of time 0ld (mean agdistis 55±10. 28) who need a sonographic criteria of placenta Previa, all ladies were subjected with finish history taking, guiding and assent starting with those lady Furthermore her husband, Grey-scale Furthermore shade doppler ultrasonography might have been performed. Around the 50 patients with placenta previa, 40 patients indicated follower placenta, 30 patients with placenta accreta, 2 patients for placenta increta and the keep going 8 patients indicated placenta percreta for bladder intrusion. The 8 patients for placenta percreta indicated bladder Attack Furthermore needed grade bladder repair shed Throughout the operation. Those conclusive analysis for placenta previa without accreta might have been settled on clinched alongside 10 out of the 50 patients. Greyscale ultrasonography need 77. 8 % affectability emulated by force doppler for 66. 7 % affectability. Both gray scale Also color doppler ultrasonography were exceptionally imperative to diagnosing placenta accreta prenatal to decrease maternal fetal mortal sin Furthermore horribleness Anyway shade doppler may be higher affectability and specificity.

Key words

Doppler, Ultrasound, Placental implantation, Post caesarean.