Arthroscopic Assisted Reduction and Internal Fixation of Tibial Plateau Fractures

M.A.Mashhor, H.A.El Begawy, A.M.Halawa and M. K.Mohammed"


Tibial plateau fractures present an important entity in orthopaedic fractures. They may be associated with other knee injuries such as meniscal tears, cruciate ligaments injuries and collateral ligaments damage. The purpose of this study was to reach the latest advances in the different methods of management of tibial plateau fractures using arthroscope and evaluate the results of arthroscopically assisted reduction and internal fixation of tibial plateau fractures on a series of patients clinicaly and radiologicaly. Our study was a prospective case series study that involved 20 patients with tibial plateau fractures presenting to Benha University Hospitals between the period of September 2017 and November 2019.All fractures were evaluated according to the Schatzker classification and there were 2 type I, 7 type II, 7 type III, 2 type IV and 2 type V. According to the clinical Rasmussen score, 15 patients [75%] had excellent results, [2 type I, 5 types II, 7 types III and 1 type IV], and 5 patients [25%] had good results [ 2 types II, 1 type IV and 2 types V]. Radiologic results were excellent in 14 cases [70 %] and good in 6 cases [30%]. There were no patients who had fair or poor results. ARIF of selected tibial plateau fractures allows anatomic reduction and rigid internal fixation with less morbidity than with ORIF, and has the advantage of superior visualization of the entire joint.

Key words

Meniscal, Rasmussen Score, Orthopaedic, Schatzker Classification, Radiologicaly, Pathology.