Effects of Neonatal Massage on Jaundiced Neonates Undergoing Phototherapy

S.A.Dabour1, E.H.Assar1, Y.M.Ismail1, Y.M.Ismail2 and M.A.Afify1"


More than half of newborns and 80% of preterm children develop clinical symptoms of jaundice . Massage is regarded as a new care method for neonates with a positive effect on neonatal disease treatment and health care .The present study aimed to assess role of massage therapy for reduction of neonatal jaundice in neonates undergoing phototherapy This examination was a clinical preliminary , which was done on 100 neonates (who were conceded in the neonatal emergency unit Benha University and Benha Childern Hospital).Studied neonates were partitioned into 2 gatherings ( Massage gathering and control bunch ). Absolute serum bilirubin (TSB) level diminished by time in charge and back rub gatherings. No critical contrasts were found in TSB level among back rub and control bunches by the first and second days. While, by the third day, TSB level was fundamentally lower in rub bunch when contrasted with control gathering. Back rub treatment could decrease TSB level and increment the recurrence of poop in solid term neonates getting phototherapy for jaundice.

Key words

Jaundice , Massage , Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.