Myocardial Injury in Metabolic Acidosis of Non- Dialysis Dependent Ckd Patients.

T.S.Rashaad, S.H.Abdel Aziz, A.T.Mahmoud, H.G.Abdel Salam and E.L.El-Shahawy"


Amendment of metabolic acidosis (MA) by utilizing oral sodium bicarbonate treatment (OSBT) in non-dialysis subordinate constant kidney malady (CKD) patients with MA positively affects myocardium as it improves the useful boundaries and postpone exacerbating of the auxiliary boundaries through change of hazard factors as remedy of MA prompts increment of eGFR, abatement of uremia, diminishing of serum uric corrosive level, better control of DM, improvement of lipid profile, thyroid profile and lack of healthy sustenance irritation complex disorder (MICS). To survey the relationship between myocardial injury and MA in non-dialysis subordinate CKD patients and the effect of the adjustment of MA on myocardium. The examination was done at nephrology unit, inside medication division, at Banha University Hospitals on a half year's term, where 50 patients were chosen. Echocardiography, blood vessel blood gases, anion hole, e GFR, serum uric corrosive, lipid profile, pee investigation, troponin I, CK-MB, serum creatinine, HA1C, serum egg whites and CRP were estimated when OSBT. Mean blood PH measurably noteworthy expanded from 7.26±0.03 to 7.35±0.003 (p esteem < 0.001). Mean serum HCO3¯ measurably noteworthy expanded from 13.65±1.19 to 23.56±0.74 (p esteem < 0.001). Mean LVESD factually noteworthy diminished from 3.86±0.47 to 3.78±0.54 cm (p esteem 0.035). Mean LVESD no factually critical contrast from 5.62±0.43 to 5.63±0.42 (p esteem 0.76). Mean EF% measurably critical expanded from 52 to 57 % (p esteem < 0.001). OSBT positively affects myocardium by progress of the useful boundaries and defer intensifying of the basic boundaries.

Key words

MA, CKD, OSBT, Echocardiography changes. (OSBT) Oral sodium bicarbonate therapy, (CKD) Chronic Kidney Disease, (MA) Metabolic Acidosis.