Compartive Study between use of Onlay Mesh and Composite Mesh in Repair of Complex Incisional Hernia

H.R.Meslam, A.A.Salem, M.E.Abdellatif and M.S.Abdelnaby"


Patients with huge abdominal wall defects pose a great challenge to general surgeons. Failure of abdominal wall function cause many economic, medical and social problems such as chronic back pain, respiratory compromise, and altered body image. As patients are compelled to modify their way of life, their capacity to work become hindered which has negative monetary results; this reality drove the consideration of human services organizations to this issue. was to Compare between utilization of onlay work and Inlay composite work in fix of complex incisional hernia stressing repeat rate¸ post employable difficulties and come back to work… etc.This forthcoming examination was done on 40 sequential patients introduced to the benha unversity medical clinic, kobry elkoppa military Hospital for the board of complex incisional hernia. After endorsement of nearby morals board, all patients remembered for the investigation were educated about the system and a composed assent was acquired from each patient before conveying the procedur from May 2018 to May 2019 Follow up is intended for one year.In the examination we had no mortality. Among early postoperative complexities seroma happened in (15%), injury disease (10%), hematoma (5%) which were all treated minimalistically. Late postoperative inconvenience on follow up period no repeat among the cases was accounted for, no work evacuation and no fistula or intestinal attachments were accounted for just (15%) grumbled of outside body sensation. Intra-peritoneal composite work method is protected with low dismalness and confusions rate, okay of seroma and wound contamination. No revealed intestinal fistula or glue intestinal deterrent in examination with on lay work. Intra-peritoneal composite work application is a powerful technique in the executives of huge stomach divider absconds bigger than 10 cm because of any reason like enormous incisional hernia.

Key words

Huge abdominal, General surgeons, Intra-peritoneal, Lifestyle and seroma.