Sexual Myths In Women

F.A.A.Ahmed, I.Younis and M.Abdel-Fattah"


Sexual myths are beliefs about sexual subjects, which are often exaggerated, wrong and non- scientific but thought to be true. These wrong beliefs and concepts affect individual’s attitudes and behaviors about sexuality. Sexual myths may cause consequences, which may affect sexual and consequently general public health; some of these sexual beliefs were investigated. A total of 822 women participants (432 medical women and 390 non-medical women not suffering from diseases that impair sexuality and not illiterate) answered a self-report questionnaire. Findings showed that, participants had high numbers of wrong beliefs. In addition, we found some sexual myths among medical women. The rural resident women had more misconceptions than the urban women did, while education affect the presence of the sexual myths between women as higher education obtained, fewer myths to be found.

Key words

Sexual myths, Myths, Wrong sexual beliefs, Prevalence of sexual myths, Women’s sexual beliefs, Egyptian women.