Fat Grafting for Maximizing the Volume of Breast Reconstruction by Latissmus Dorsi Mini-Flap

A.A.Salem, G.S.Saleh, A.M.Nawar, M.E.Abdellatif and A.G.Mohamed"


The oncoplastic surgery (OPS) technique, which was first attempted by Audretsch et al., expands on the concept of breast-conserving surgery[1]. The pedicled latissimus dorsi (LD) flap serves an important function in breast reconstruction, but its utility is limited by its inability to provide sufficient volume [2]. Autologous expansion of the LD fold with lipo-move has been utilized to keep away from situation of an embed. We improve the method by performing lipo-move during bosom recreation [3]. The examination was a planned, relative investigation incorporates 30 female patients with bosom malignancy stages, introduced to Benha University Hospital during the period from March 2018 to May 2020.All patients gave bosom knots, both ways sided, the ages at time of introduction went from 36 to 57 years (normal 46 years).they were partitioned into two gatherings as indicated by sort of offered substitution strategy: Group (A): by utilizing smaller than expected latissimus dorsi muscle fold just and Group (B): by utilizing scaled down latissimus dorsi muscle fold notwithstanding quick intraoperative fat joining. As of late, fat uniting has been demonstrated to be a promising restorative methodology for scar the executives after consumes and physical injury. This method can be utilized in the setting of a LD fold/tissue expander/embed recreation, and could likewise be extended to different autologous bosom reproduction choices [4].

Key words

OPS, Reconstructive Breast Surgery, Latissimus Dorsi Flap & Fat Grafting.