Role of Self Expandable Drug Eluting Stent in Patients with Atypical Coronary Anatomy Short and Mid Term Clinical Outcome

M.H.Elemary1, A.I.Attia1, S.M.Abdou2 ,M.M.Ali1 and S.A.Ahmed1"


Despite the advances in new generation stents, the optimal stenting considers a challenge to deal with atypical coronary anatomy; such as stent sizing in large, ectatic or aneurysmal vessels; and tapered vessels. Inflatable expandable stents are rounded and can only with significant effort oblige the variety in vessel; thrombotic vessels increment the danger of distal embolization and no-reflow; positive redesigning and vasodilation frequently bring about ensuing stent malapposition To survey the wellbeing, viability and practicality of self-expandable medication eluting stent in patients with atypical coronary life structures. This investigation was a clinical preliminary included 100 patients admitted to Saud Al-Babtain Cardiac Center (SBCC), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Benha University emergency clinics, Arab Republic of Egypt (ARE) from January 2016 to December 2018 gave constant stable angina and intense coronary condition (STEMI, NSTEMI and USA) with their coronary angiography indicated all over again anomalous coronary life structures (ectatic, aneurysmal and additionally tightened vessel) with noteworthy coronary stenosis appropriate for PCI. The examination indicated that there were (53%) STEMI patients followed by stable angina (21%), NSTEMI (15%), unsteady angina (10%) and late MI (1%). There were 42 and 58 patients with ectatic and tightened coronary life systems individually. With respect to result, no announced demise, MI, CABG in clinic, one month and a half year development. The clinically DTLR, there were one patient just had target sore MI, however we discovered this patient resistant he halted his double antiplatelet drug In This examination we found that the utilization of self-expandable stent is sheltered in patients gave steady and intense coronary disorder with atypical coronary life systems in regards to (in emergency clinic remain, short and mid-term) clinical result.

Key words

Self-expandable stent, Atypical coronary artery, Ecstatic vessels aneurysmal vessels and tapered vessels.