Evaluation of Sexual Function in Breast feeding Women

I.Y.Abdallah, D.M.EL-Habak, E.A.Abd Elaziz"


Breastfeeding is firmly supported by pediatric and obstetric associations. Its constructive outcome on maternal wellbeing is undebatable, yet numerous scientists saw breastfeeding as a significant hazard factor for baby blues female sexual brokenness. Point: Evaluate the effect of breastfeeding on female sexual capacities. a self-report survey structured by the creators guided by the female sexual capacity record (Rosen et al, 2000). The point of the investigation and the subtleties of the poll were disclosed to the ladies before taking their educated assent. Members were 300 ladies enrolled from those going to the Maternity and Childhood Centers and Birketelsabaa General Hospital. Reduction every sexual capacity in breastfeeding women.The present examination discoveries demonstrate that sexual capacities as want, grease and climax decline in breastfeeding ladies. Likewise, dyspareunia is a typical protest among lactating moms. A few components influence female sexual capacity in breastfeeding ladies as kind of breastfeeding, training and word related status.

Key words

Female sexual function, Breastfeeding,Types of breastfeeding.