Efficacy of Drug Eluting Stent Versus Cobalt-Chromium Bare-Metal Stent in Small Artery Stenosis in Non Diabetic Patients with acute coronary syndrome

K.E.Alrabbat1, A.A.Reda2, T.S.Khalil2, A.M.El Kersh2, and H.A.Abd El Rahman1"


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in the world, This study aimed to compare cobalt-chromium BMS with DES in small artery stenosis in non-diabetic patients with ACS according to patients’ clinical characteristics, acute and late results. the examination was led on 100 non-diabetic patients conceded with intense coronary condition and alluded to Cath. As per kind of stent utilized in mediation, the patients were arranged into: DES gathering: included 50 patients with sedate eluting stents to treat all over again coronary sores. BMS gathering: included 50 patients with cobalt chromium stents to treat anew coronary injuries. Every patient was exposed to full history taking, total clinical assessment, ECG, echocardiography, and serum creatinine. 5% of patients had composite end point, ISR and MI following a half year of development while 4% of patients had TVR and 1% of patients had CABG. Just a single patient passed on in our examination. There was no noteworthy contrast among DES and BMS bunch with respect to coronary angiographic, procedural information and clinical results during development. the utilization of medication eluting stent versus cobalt chromium stent was related with a decrease in target vessel revascularization in little supply route stenosis through half year catch up with no distinction in death and nonfatal myocardial dead tissue.

Key words

Drug Eluting Stent, Metal Stent, Small Artery Stenosis, Acute coronary syndrome.