Original Article Comprative Study between using Local Corticosteroid, Systemic Beta-Blockers and Combined Therapy in Manegment of Heamangioma in Pediatrics

A.A.Salem1, N.M.Dessouky2, M.E.Abdel Latif1 and W.M.Mostafa1"


Infantile hemangiomas (IHs), the most common tumor of childhood. For many years, the first-line medical treatment for complicated lesions was corticosteroids, including topical, intralesional, and systemic approaches. However, a major breakthrough occurred in 2008 observed that a group of children with IH who received therapy with the nonselective beta-blocker propranolol experienced marked improvement in their lesions. This examine meant will think about the middle of those impact of utilizing neighborhood corticosteroids (metamethasone) , systemic beta blocker (Propranolol) and both consolidated in the management about heamangiomas in pediatrics. This might have been a prospective consider that led during Benha college clinic What's more Benha Youngsters doctor's facility on tolerant with heamangioma. Patients for heamangioma who match consideration criteria were isolated haphazardly under three groups: aggregation a : 20 patients in this one assembly might have been undergone intralesional infusion for corticosteroid (betamethasone) during An measurements of 10 with 40 mg/ml On 5 differentiate sessions with a interim from claiming 3 weeks. Assembly B: 20 patients in this bunch were provided for oral b-blocker (propranolol) for 2-3mg/kg/day to 4 months. Bunch C: 20 tolerant in this one assembly were provided for both oral B-blocker (Propranlol) Furthermore intralesional infusion from claiming corticosteroid (Betamethasone) to 4 months. There might have been statistically huge between gathering An and aggregation b over bunch C, in regards repeat then afterward 6m. No repeat struck them Around gathering C, repeat happened for 20% Around bunch B, 10% in bunch An. Mean Contrast about aggregation a (18. 90), bunch b (12. 64) Also bunch c (19. 38), thereabouts assembly c's will be superior to assembly A, one assembly b. There were statistically huge certain unique hemangioma size (cm) Furthermore extent at 6 months "around gathering C, However no statistically huge connection the middle of unique hemangioma size (cm) Also size at 6 months "around aggregation An What's more bunch b. We discovered fundamentally preferred Conclusion in the joined medicine aggregation contrasted with monotherapy aggregations.

Key words

Local corticosteroid-Systemic Beta-blockers, Combined therapy, Heamangioma.