Fat Grafting Techniques and Outcome in Scar Face

A.Y.Farid, G.I.ELhabaa, A.M.Abdelmofeed, M.E.AbdElattif and W.M.Habib"


Control of facial scarring is one of the most difficult challenges in surgical practice, and represents a difficult therapeutic problem facing plastic surgeons to achieve good results. To date, no gold standard exists for the treatment of scar tissue. Autologous fat grafting has been introduced as a promising treatment option for scar tissue related symptomsHowever, those experimental confirmation for its viability remains vague. With assess techniques, results of fat grafting Also its effects once enhancing the facial scars. This study might have been directed for 20 patients for clear facial scars. Patients‟ agdistis went starting with 8 to 60 A long time. Patients were chosen haphazardly will a chance to be dealt with for fat grafting. The abdomen might have been those practically usually decided contributor site. Fat might have been transformed with axis done 10 (group An) and natural in the different 10 cases (group b (. Fat grafting demonstrated should bring a critical part clinched alongside scar remodeling. This might have been measured clinically Toward those vancouver scar scale. In regards to tolerant fulfillment for cosmea appearance, 9 situations were assessed as excellent, 6 cases were assessed Likewise good, and 3 situations were assessed Similarly as reasonable Furthermore 2 were assessed Concerning illustration terrible. Autologous fat grafting need An critical part for facial scar remodeling Also gives An useful impact for facial scar tissue. Noteworthy change over scar appearance, skin characteristics, Also rebuilding of volume and three‑dimensional shape will be accounted. There may be no noteworthy Contrast between comes about from claiming both bunches.

Key words

Fat Grafting; Scar Face; plastic surgeries.