Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Paediatrics Meta analysis Study

k.A.abdeljalil, M.A.Elsisi and N.S.Kazem"


Systematically review the published outcome measures for treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis in the pediatric group of patients to find out the evidence for the efficacy of function endoscopic sinus surgery in management of PCRS. A meta-analysis of the writing ahead results from claiming pediatric fess An meta-analysis of the written works might have been performed centering on the amount about patients for every study, length from claiming follow-up, prospective versus retrospective, and the division or avoidance of patients with noteworthy underlying systemic sicknesses (cystic fibrosis Also immunodeficiencies). An rating scale In light of the over criteria might have been used to select articles for consideration. The incorporated 15 articles were efficiently investigated. Around these incorporated articles , 9 articles required pediatrics patients underwent endoscopic sinus surgery What's more 6 articles underwent adenoidectomy to medication of CRS Previously, pediatrics. Each of the incorporated investigations might have been doled out An level from claiming confirmation What's more agrade for suggestion. Our study news person that pediatric fess will be an viable medicine to unending rhinosinusitis; for triumph rate over 87%. Pediatric fess is An sheltered Furthermore successful medication for Ceaseless sinusitis that is recalcitrant will therapeutic help.

Key words

Pediatric, Chronic sinusitis, Treatment, FESS, Meta-analysis .