The Impact of Serum Magnesium Level Disorders on Parathyroid Hormone and Alkaline Phosphatase Levels in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 under Maintenance Hemodialysis

E.L.El-shehawy, S.B.Allah, A.T.Mahmoud,A.E.Mansour and O.M.Elsayed"


Discrepancies between serum iPTH and BSAP levels, reflecting an uncoupling between bone resorption and formation, are uncommon but may be found in some patients . And only these discrepancies might be identified with variability in the estimations about BSAP Also iPTH. For instance, Delanaye et al. Demonstrated that there are huge discrepancies in the varieties for iPTH Furthermore BSAP focuses About whether over CKD-5D patients. [1] plasma magnesium focuses normally somewhat increment Likewise an outcome of decreased glomerular filtration. Serum first mass of the magnesium fixation need been demonstrated with be conversely connected with general What's more cardiovascular mortality, occurrence coronary heart disease, occurrence atrial fibrillation Also occurrence heart disappointment may be should ponder the impact of serum magnesium level issue once parathyroid hormone Furthermore basic phosphatase levels to tolerant with Ceaseless kidney sickness phase 5 under upkeep hemodialysis this investigation will be a observational cross sectional consider that might have been conveyed out in Benha college hospital, inward drug department, dialysis unit. Starting with january 2019 till june 2019. This examine included 120 patients phase v undergoing maintance hemodialysis. Oral Furthermore composed assent were made starting with each member when demonstrating the considered perfect those Investigation. Constantly on patients were clinically assessed Also needed schedule appraisal. Those mean agdistis of cases will be 50. 39±9. 64 with extent of (25-62) A long time Also percent about females might have been 54% Furthermore guys might have been 66%. Intend systolic Circulatory strain 145±13. 8 for go of 70-130, intend diastolic pulse 85. 9±3. 5 with reach about 60-80, percent about hypertensive cases 25%. 33. 3 % of situations bring hypomagnesemia Furthermore 66. 7 needed typical first mass of the magnesium level. There will be sure helter skelter noteworthy relationship the middle of PHT Furthermore magnesium level Hypomagesemia altogether lift the level ofalkaline phosphatase Also parathromone hormaone levelin tolerant with Ceaseless kidney sickness phase 5 under support hemodialysis.

Key words

Magnesium, Alkaline phosphatase,parathormone hormone .