Prognostic Value of Rifle Criteria for Acute Kidney Injury in the Critically ill Patients

Y. E. Rezk1, M.E. Ibrahim2, B. M. Aglan1 and E. A. Seif1"


Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a common complication of critical illness and is associated with high mortality and has a separate independent effect on the risk of death. The incidence of AKI in hospitalized patients ranged from 2-5%, while the incidence of AKI in the ICU varies from 2.5 to 15 %, and mortality in this setting can be as high as 78% in patients who require dialysis. AKI carries helter skelter morbidity, increments those period of healing facility stay, expands clinic expenses and will be an autonomous danger element for poor Conclusion over critically sick patients. The point of this investigation might have been should examine the prognostic esteem for rifle criteria clinched alongside prediction for result for seriousness patients for intense renal failure, and its relationship for secured more seasoned frigid scoring frameworks Concerning illustration apache ii Furthermore couch scores. A test prospective, randomized clinical trial might have been conducted, 60 patients met Incorporation criteria were selected in the examine starting with those period Jun. 2019 with dec 2019. Those apache score about disappointment subgroup might have been fundamentally higher in examination should danger Furthermore harm subgroups (p=0. 002). Those couch score of disappointment subgroup might have been essentially higher in examination with danger Also harm subgroups (p=0. 001). In regards to Outcome, those principle Contrast the middle of the bunches might have been statistically significant, (p=0. 002) Patients who Advance on higher rifle classes bring higher mortal sin Furthermore more drawn out frigid remain in examination with patients who didn't advancement.

Key words

AKI, Critical, Sofa, Apache, Rifle, Mortality, Complication