Clinical Value of Serum Vitamin E and FMS-like Tyrosine Kinase-1 in Egyptian Females with Pre-Eclampsia

M.A.El-Azouny, A.A.Yousef, E.G.Behiry, I.S.El-Nasr and R.M.Hamoud"


Were to evaluate serum level of FMS-like Tyrosine Kinase-1 (Flt-1) as a diagnostic utility in pre-eclampsia and its correlation to the severity of the disease, as well as the effect of antioxidant of vitamin E to this level. 20 normotensive pregnancies, 40 Extreme pre-eclamptic tolerant Furthermore 20 gentle pre-eclamptic patients, serum focuses of sFlt-1 Furthermore vitamin e were evaluated with the elisa system. Serum sFlt-1 level (825. 7 ±70. 0 ng/l) might have been altogether higher over those gentle preeclamptic aggregation (617. 2 ±58. 4 ng/l) Also both were higher over the normotensive assembly (475. 7 ±29. 1). Vitamin e level might have been altogether easier in the extreme preeclamptic assembly (0. 31 ±0. 18 mg/dl) over gentle preeclamptic aggregation (1. 00 ±0. 26 mg/dl) Also both were more level over normotensive gathering (2. 01 ±0. 26). In the preeclampsia group, there might have been An negative correspondence the middle of FMS in tyrosine kinase What's more vitamin e (rho= -0. 557 and p= <0. 001). Roc bend uncovered that serum Flt-1 at An cut off esteem from claiming 688 ng/l could anticipate extreme pre-eclampsia: with a affectability for 97. 5%, An specificity of 97. 5%, What's more auc = 0. 991. Same time serum vitamin e toward a cut off worth from claiming 0. 73 mg/dl required An affectability about 97. 5 %, a specificity for 95% Furthermore auc = 0. 984 , 95%CI = 0. 96-1. 0 Furthermore p < 0. 001 in the prediction from claiming extreme preeclampsia. Applying relapse analysis, serum FMS-like tyrosine kinase ≥ 587. 7 ng/l What's more Vit e ≤1. 06 mg/dl were found should make huge predictors from claiming pre-eclampsia. There is An noteworthy change the middle of FMS-like tyrosine Kinase-1 Furthermore vitamin e levels done preeclampsia Furthermore normotensive pregnancies.

Key words

SFlt-1, Vitamin E, Pre-Eclampsia, Normotensive Pregnancies.