Comparison between Long and Transverse Lung Ultrasound in Critically Ill Patient

Y.E. Rezk1, M.A.Algazzar1, A.M. Almenshawy2 and O.S.Mahana3"


Lung ultrasound used for semi-quantification of lung aeration and assessment of lung pathology. lung scan in the longitudinal approach could be identified in between the ribs. Transverse scan has the ability of visualization of longer pleural and more artifacts using lung scoring system or pathological identification. We included 50 patients from Benha University Hospital and Alexandria main university hospital eligible for our study scanned by lung ultrasound in long and transverse scanning technique and do comparison using CT scan as a gold standard. The study proved that transverse technique show more artifact and had both sensitivity and specificity for all lung pathology included.

Key words

Lung ultrasound, Transverse technique, Long technique.