Thyroidectomy with Ligasure Versus Traditional Thyroidectomy

H.R.Mosalam, N.A.Zaher, M.I.Abou Rizk and A.A.Elgohary"


New surgical devices have been developed to improve hemostatic control and vascular closure in thyroid surgery.This study aims to evaluate how safe and feasible is the ligaSure for thyroidectomy and to compare its results with the conventional thyroidectomy technique. This examination is a relative forthcoming randomized control one intended for patients having amiable thyroid sores. We incorporated a sum of 20 cases who were isolated into 2 equivalent gatherings; gathering (An) included 10 cases who experienced the traditional method, and the other one (B) incorporated the other 10 cases who experienced the activity with LigaSure. All cases were exposed to finish history taking, exhaustive physical assessment, and routine research facility and radiological examinations before surgery.Patient qualities didn't vary fundamentally between the two gatherings. The traditional methodology had a fundamentally drawn out employable time when contrasted with LigaSure (75.38 versus 47.13 minutes individually – p < 0.001). No intraoperative difficulties were experienced in our investigation. No distinction was recognized with respect to post-usable agony between the two investigation gatherings (p = 0.97). One case (10%) in the ordinary gathering was convoluted by hematoma and was overseen by means of careful investigation, while no cases built up that entanglement in the other gathering (p = 0.372). Post-employable intricacies were not fundamentally extraordinary between the two gatherings. It is apparent that ligaSure isn't just a sheltered technique for hemostasis during thyroid medical procedure like the regular methodology, however it likewise assists with playing out the medical procedure in an essentially shorter employable time.

Key words

Thyroidectomy, LigaSure, Operative time.