Premarital Sexuality in Women

I.Y.AbdAllah, G.M.Abdel-khalik, and H.A. Abo Bakr"


Premarital sexual behavior is an important issue that has many medical, psychosocial, cultural, legal, and religious aspects. There are a few studies on the magnitude and pattern of premarital sexual activities in Muslim societies, including Egypt. Aim; to assess the type and frequency of sexual activity among a sample of Egyptian single women. This cross sectional observational study, was carried in Benha university hospital, and included 300 unmarried female participants. An self-administered questionnaire might have been intended by the investigators. The The majority as a relatable point age class might have been 20-29 years, the greater part (83. 7%) need aid urban inhabitants. Concerning illustration views instructive level, 96% needed a college degree, 75% of members need aid utilized. As stated by simplicity about sexual arousal, 45% about members news person to a degree challenging arousal took after Eventually Tom's perusing 21. 3% who are to a degree undoubtedly aroused, 58% need aid stirred Toward perusing sentimental books. Practically (81. 3%) of the members do nothing then afterward constantly moved as a result masturbation will be forbidden, same time 18. 7% stroke off. Around the individuals who stroke off after arousal, 48% stroke off once or more/week. The larger part from claiming members (73%) declined with reply An address around Hosting sentimental associations. There is An statistically huge connection (p< 0. 005) the middle of separate agdistis gatherings Likewise views level about sexual arousal, activity after being stirred Also stimulators of sexual arousal. Those display ponder reveals to a low Be that as huge pervasiveness from claiming masturbation What's more sentimental connections "around unmarried egyptian ladies. The preservationist religious and social setting for our culture might clarify the more level premarital sexual exercises and the highly-associated liable inclination.

Key words

Premarital, Sexuality, Masturbation.