0. 05 to nonsurvivors Furthermore On survivors).'>

Application of Pediatric Index of Mortality 2 as a Scoring System in Predicting Outcome in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Banha Children Hospital

H.A.Elghaiaty, R.S.Arafa, E.H.Assor and H.A.El Nawawy"


Mortality prediction models are useful in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) settings as risk assessment tools. Pediatric list of mortal sin PIM2 score is as a rule connected toward the duration of the time about confirmation will escalated consideration care, Dissimilar to different prognostic scores which might be ascertained during duration of the time intervals for those patient's remain On emergency unit. The point about this fill in might have been will assess the convenience from claiming PIM2 score in foreseeing mortal sin. This might have been An prospective perception investigation which carried out at PICU of Banha Youngsters doctor's facility with respect to 50 patients tolerant were undergone PIM 2 scoring Throughout their confirmation inside the Initially hour following confirmation. The result might have been recorded Likewise demise or release. The proportion from claiming watched should predicted mortal sin proportion standard mortal sin proportion (SMR) might have been ascertained for those set for tolerant. In regards to result of the examine number demise rate might have been (36%). PIM2 score were fundamentally higher "around passing over released cases. Measurable noteworthy certain correspondence the middle of PIM2 score and (risk of mortal sin and span for remain. The display contemplate exhibits and also blacks a great capability of PIM2 will separate survivors from non-survivors. Those real mortality might have been 36% and the predicted mortality Eventually Tom's perusing PIM 2 score might have been half , Along these lines those institutionalized mortal sin proportion might have been 0. 72 signifying overestimation about mortality or useful execution of our unit. A great biased capability of PIM2 on separate survivors from non-survivors. PIM2 show great alignment (p > 0. 05 to nonsurvivors Furthermore On survivors).

Key words

Mortality, PICU, PIM2.