Role of Color Doppler Ultrasound in Antenatal Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta in Patients with Previous Cesarean Scar

S.A.Saad 1, M.A.Mahmoud 1, A.M.Bayoumi 1 and M.A.Sallam 2"


Morbidly adherent placenta is asignificant cause of maternal morbidity , mortality and massive obstetric hemorrhage. It is defined as an abnormal placental adherence either in whole or in part of the placenta to the underlying uterine wall. It is a potentially life threatening condition responsible for 7-10% of maternal mortality.Is to evaluate the accuracy of Color Doppler Ultrasonography in antenatal diagnosis of placenta previa accreta in patients with previous cesarean sections. The study included 60 pregnant females after 28 week of gestation from obstetrics and gynecology department of Banha University hospital during a period from (1st of December 2018 to 30th November 2019) with suspected history and ultrasonographic findings of placenta accreta. Gray-scale B-mode transabdominal sonography and Color Doppler Ultrasound scans were done. The overall accuracy of diffuse or focal lacunar flow was 73.3%, vascular lakes with turbulent flow 70%, Hypervascularity of serosa bladder interface 62% and markedly dilated vessel over peripheral sub-placental zone 71% in doppler ultrasound. Color Doppler does not appear to improve the accuracy of Gray-Scale so, it is suggested to use both Gray scale ultrasound and Color Doppler in all cases of placenta previa with previous C.S to find out features that suggest presence of placenta accreta.

Key words

Placenta Previa, Placental myometrial invasion, Cesarean section.