Evaluation of Anal Manometric Findings in Haemorrhoids before and after Haemorrhoidectomy

M.A.Khalil, E.M.Oraby, M.A.El Sayed and M.A.AbdelSamie"


The anal pressure abnormalities in haemorrhiods before and after surgery were studied by an ano-rectal manometric technique. Fifty consecutive patients (32 men, 18 women; mean age 42.96 years) with symptomatic haemorrhoids (grades III and IV) and different degrees of severity were submitted to this study. Schedule excisional haemorrhoidectomy might have been performed. Those butt-centric resting weight were monitored previously, then at then afterward two months for surgery when those wounds required mended. There might have been critical diminishing in the mean resting weight "around instances post-operative over pre-operative. Sodergren haemorrhoid manifestation seriousness scoring framework were used to quantify those seriousness about haemorrhoidal symptoms, as stated by this scoring framework there were no huge Contrast between Different degrees for seriousness in regards should manometrical effects (resting butt-centric pressure).

Key words

Anal, manometric, Pressure, Haemorrhoidectomy, Severity.