Airway Management for Patients with Cervical Spine Lesions

E.F.Makram, D.H.Elbarbary and M.G.Hamed"


Many patient undergoing neurosurgical procedures have disease affecting the cervical spine or they may have a trauma including the cervical spine , and these patient must be treated as far as we can so not causing more damage to the cord. The anesthesiologist must have a logical approach to evaluate and manage the cervical spine as regard ; Anatomy of the cervical spine including typical and atypical vertebrae. Congenital anomalies in relation to cervical spine. Infectious, neoplastic lesions and inflammatory arthropathies which affect the cervical spine. Uncommon accentuation looking into exchange from claiming trauma of the cervical spine for examining the vitality for securing the aviation route instantly At there will be hindrance or over apnic tolerant. The preoperative assessment of the tolerant What's more examination of the aviation route thus that those anesthesiologist might suspect those challenges Furthermore place the want for management. Cautious pre- Also intraoperative positioning of the tolerant Furthermore adjustment so as should keep further neurosurgical harm. The utilization about suitableness incitement agenize as stated by the desperation of the circumstance. The have from claiming neurosurgical observing and the utilization of those intraoperative (wake up test) so as on evaluate the neurological harm of the tolerant. Postoperative need for mechanical ventilation Also postoperative ache control.

Key words

Airway management, Cervical spine lesions, Anathesia.