Screening of Chronic Kidney Disease in Kafr-Elsheikh University, Egypt

H.G.Abd El-Salam1, M.E.Ibrahim1, A.E.Mansour1, T.E.Hydara2 and A.S.Abd-Elkareem2"


Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) represents a significant public health problem, with nearly 20 million people in the United States having kidney damage or reduced kidney function, most patients with kidney disease are asymptomatic, underling the need for routine screening of all patients who are at risk for developing kidney disease. Screening of unending kidney sickness "around Obviously solid people in Kafr- Elsheikh university, egypt. Those parameters contain :Full history taking including: personal history, secret word history, family history Furthermore medication historical backdrop. Physical examination including: blood pressure, particular figure weight, tallness Also constitution impostor list. Furthermore lab investigations Concerning illustration serum creatinine, urinary protein Eventually Tom's perusing dipstike Also HbA1c. Over 13. 8% from claiming Obviously solid subjects needed CKD (62. 2% needed phase I, 33. 8% required phase II, 4% needed stage III). CKD might have been higher "around guys over females. Stoutness might have been An hazard component to CKD and the rate of stout "around CKD patients might have been 48%, population i stoutness might have been 47. 3%, population ii Weight 0. 7%. Overweight 29. 1% What's more ordinary weight 22. 9%. Those imply from claiming BMI Around CKD patients might have been 28. 3± 4. 2. Higher recurrence about hypertension were fundamentally connected with CKD patients 33. 8% when contrasted with non CKD subjects 5. 1%. Diabetics might have been diagnosed "around 5. 6% from claiming every last bit examined subjects. Higher recurrence about diabetics were altogether connected with CKD The point when contrasted with non CKD subjects. Those rate of CKD needed diabetics might have been (26%) same time CKD required pre diabetics might have been (25%) about CKD patients. Higher urinary protein evaluations were essentially connected with CKD.

Key words

Chronic Kidney Disease, CKD; glomerular filtration rate.