Comparative Study of Short versus Long Course of Antibiotic Therapy for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia in Adults

Y.E.Rezk, A.H.Abdelrahman, M.S.Sadek and T.M.Elkady"


VAP is a serious health problem affecting the prognosis of ventilated patients in the ICU. The reason for this contemplate may be should affirm those possibility danger figures for ventilator cohorted pneumonia (VAP) for frigid patients on mechanical ventilation (MV) and the profit or those hazard of the short What's more long anti-microbial help. Patients who were with respect to mv for ≥48 h were incorporated in this study On they required show fate of VAP beginning starting with january 2017 to december 2018. An chi-squared test Also Mann–Whitney U-test were used to think about the information the middle of members for VAP Furthermore without VAP. Univariate logistic relapse models were performed with investigate those association the middle of antibiotics span span Furthermore VAP prognosis. 120 patients were incorporated in the study, who were diagnosed Likewise VAP. Logistic relapse investigation uncovered that COPD might have been an autonomous hazard component to VAP (OR =1. 536, P<0. 005) alongside frigid confirmation (OR=1. 847, P<0. 05), systems for mechanical ventilation (P<0. 023), those sorts from claiming antibiotics administered (OR=4. 747, P<0. 05), vital venous catheters sorts (OR=1. 909, P<0. 01), indwelling urinary catheter span (OR=1. 605, P<0. 05) and the organization for corticosteroids former on mechanical ventilation (OR=1. 918, P<0. 01). Ventilator cohorted pneumonia frequency might have been identified with an assortment for danger figures which might a chance to be controlled Also restricted to stay away from further VAP event including those strategies for mv Furthermore antibiotics numbers. A model to recognizing these danger figures and the part of each you quit offering on that one for VAP might have been manufactured will anticipate VAP frequency to attempt will identify as early Concerning illustration time permits to elevated structure patients.

Key words

Ventilation associated pneumonia, Prevention of bacterial resistance, Antibiotic regimens .