Combination of Microneedling and 10% Trichloro-Acetic Acid Peeling Versus Platelet Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Infraorbital Dark Circles

A.I.El-Taweel, A.I.Mustafa and I.Q.Qiresh"


Dark circles are a common benign facial cosmetic problem with multiple factorial etiologies. Though, there are a number of treatment options available for periorbital hyperpigmentation. It can be a significant cosmetic problem, and many individuals try to find a treatment for this condition. This condition affects individuals in a wide range of ages, both sexes and all races. Moreover, it worsens with the aging and the process of skin sagging and altered subcutaneous fat distribution. Assess those viability and safety about consolidation for microneedling What's more 10% trichloroacetic corrosive peeling Furthermore thinking about it with platelet rich plasma intradermal infusion in the medicine from claiming infraorbital dim circles. 60 members finished those study; assembly (a), included 30 patients were aPProached with microneedle help Furthermore topical anesthesia requisition from claiming trichloracetic corrosive 10% answer for each infraorbital range for 5 minutes. Compound peeling might have been performed each 2 weeks for four treatments; assembly (b), included 30 patients were treated for intradermal platelet rich plasma. Microneedle and PRP gatherings were connected with change for dull circles. Superior reaction What's more patients' fulfillment were fundamentally connected with microneedle At contrasted with PRP. Patients fulfillment might have been essentially connected with change. We inferred that those two routines for medicine were just as powerful in the medication of DC, with those change from claiming dc watched from the principal medication session for both Microneedling with compound peeling Eventually Tom's perusing 10% TCA Furthermore PRP infusion medication.

Key words

Infraorbital Dark Circles, Micro needling; Platelet Rich Plasma, Trichloro-Acetic Acid.