Effects of Pentoxifylline and Vitamin E on Pregnancy Rate in Infertile Women Treated By ICSI: A Randomized Clinical Trial

A.B.El Nashar, K.M.Salama, A.A.El-Deen and A.A.Fayez"


Despite many advances in infertility treatment, the rate of achieving live pregnancy after the first cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is still around 29%. Therefore, various alternative treatments are used to increase IVF success. Dietary supplements need aid a standout amongst these elective medicines. Antioxidants would those The greater part imperative dietary supports; vitamins e (tocopherol; TCP) Also pentoxifylline (PTX) are those fundamental antioxidants utilized. Assess ICSI achievement rate and endometrial thickness for female patients dealt with with PTX Furthermore tcp/ip joined together help. This prospective examine included 280 patients, who were diagnosed as Hosting fruitlessness and were undergoing ICSI, 140 fruitless patients accepted An consolidation from claiming 400 mg pentoxifylline and 400 IU tocopherol twice/day. Control group: incorporate 140 fruitless patients (126 grade Also 14 secondary) who didn't accept PTX and tcp/ip. Endometrial thickness EMT might have been thicker over ponder bunch (8. 95±1. 81 mm) contrasted with control aggregation (7. 93±1. 10 mm) for statistically noteworthy contrasts between them following medicine What's more in front of incipient organism exchange. Exceptionally statistically critical contrasts the middle of When medicine (7. 73±1. 65 mm) and then afterward medication (8. 95±1. 0 mm) as stated by EMT Eventually Tom's perusing PTX Furthermore tcp/ip to ponder. Pregnancy rate might have been higher done investigation one assembly (58. 6%) versus with 40% for control aggregations (p=0. 003) with statistically noteworthy contrasts between them. This study demonstrated that PTX to a measurement 400mg twice/day and Vit e 400IU twice/day provided for 3 monuths should 140 fruitless patients in the recent past the cycle from claiming fetus transfere, brought on An noteworthy expand On endometrial thickness and in addition essentially expansion in the pregnancy rate.

Key words

Pentoxifylline, Vitamin E, Infertile women, ICSI.