Evaluation of Serum Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 in Children with Congenital Heart Defect

S.A.Elwan1, O.M.Abd El Haie1, W.A.El Lateef2 and F.M.Abdelraouf1"


Congenital heart defects are the result of incomplete heart development and, like many diseases, have been associated with high homocysteine concentration, the aim of the study is to evaluate serum folate and cobalamin levels in children with CHD with correlation to maternal level, a prospective study (case-control) carried out from January 2018 to December 2019.The study was conducted on 60 children (males & females) and their mothers , from pediatric cardiology unit and outpatient clinic of Benha University Hospital, was subdivided into; Group (I): Which included 40 know youngsters diagnosed Concerning illustration inherent heart deformity What's more their moms Similarly as examine group,Group (II): Which incorporated 20 sound kids What's more their moms Similarly as control group, newborn child What's more maternal homocystiene ≥9. 65 Furthermore ≥11. 25 separately could fundamentally separate cyanotic starting with acyanotic CHD patients. Auc were 0. 964 Also 0. 808 for babies and maternal values separately. The affectability What's more specificity to newborn child homocystiene were 95. 2% Also 89. 5% respectively, same time maternal cutoff worth required a affectability and specificity for 90. 5% Also 63. 2% respectively, a helter skelter maternal tHcy centralization may be connected with an expanded hazard from claiming Hosting a tyke with CHD in a concentration‐dependent manner, incompletely because of low serum folate and vitamin B12. Those folate status of the tyke may make included and also blacks Furthermore ought to a chance to be investigated together with other pathways embroiled Previously, CHD.

Key words

Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Congenital heart defects.