Self-Report Quesstionnaire Versus Face to Face Quesstionaire in Assessing Female Sexuality

I.Y.Abdallah, A.M.Hamed and E.S.Nabawy"


The aim of the study is to compare self-report questionnaire with face to face questionnaire in assessing female sexuality.This is a cross-sectional observational cohort study. Tools used was a self-report questionnaire and face to face questionnaire. Subjects included in this study were 300 married women who have a regular sexual activity divided into two groups: Group A: Comprised 150 ladies who were laid open to a vis-vis questionnaire. One assembly B: Comprised 150 ladies who were presented to An self-report questionnaire indistinguishable twin for that of aggregation a. It might have been found that self administered questionnaire assembly demonstrated higher predominance about know domains of sexual dysfunctions but for dyspareunia which might have been All the more common in vis-vis study assembly. Refrain from replying inquiries regarding masturbation might have been additional self-evident done vis-vis contemplate aggregation. The commonest coital recurrence might have been 2-3 times for every week, vis-vis bunch demonstrated that's only the tip of the iceberg coital recurrence over self administered gathering. "Man for top" position might have been those practically favored coital position for The greater part subjects, 37. 3% about ladies Previously, bunch An and 44. 7% for ladies clinched alongside one assembly b. However, lady once top banana positions (2nd A large portion preferred) demonstrated additional capacity will achieve climax. The outcomes introduced here hint at that diverse review strategies plainly impact reactions will delicate inquiries. Our discoveries backing that self administered questionnaires expansion members revelation of delicate wellbeing majority of the data What's more increment readiness should report card delicate sexual practices.

Key words

Self-Report Quesstionnaire Versus