Study Role of Gender and Clinical Chemistry Data in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

M.El.Fouda1, 1A.M.Shokry1, D.M.Hasseb1, S.G.Amin1 and A.A.Abd-El-Moneam2"


Diabetes mellitus will be a Ceaseless malady described Toward hyperglycemia normally effects from a passing about insulin response handling β phones in the pancreas prompting a lack for insulin response (type 1 diabetes) or reduction of insulin response affectability. Kind 2 diabetes (T2D) makes dependent upon about85-90%ofallcases. It happens for those reality Anyway its regular in the created nations particularly kind 2. However happening to creating nations in asia and Africa, the place A large portion patients will Presumably a chance to be discovered by 2030 organize of the pancreas improvement. For egypt the Weight particularly visceral adiposity Furthermore physical movement would real danger figures to diabetes. There need aid half for egyptian men Furthermore 65 - 80% about egyptian ladies are overweight.

Key words

Gender and Clinical Chemistry Data, 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients