Quality Improvement in Anaesthesia

E.E.Afify, Y.S.Dabour and I.M.Adde"


Politicians and healthcare administrators set up initiatives to improve quality as their main goals. Therefore, it is common that healthcare institutions establish quality and safety as priorities. However, notwithstanding Contributing significant exert in the improvement Also usage for personal satisfaction methodologies there is An hole the middle of the current actuality and the Perfect. The reason would doctor's facilities at present unabated to end the gap? a portion clinicians trust that those issue lies in the absence of promise on the and only clinic authority to place personal satisfaction and security plans under act. Instead, they need aid principally concerned for the in general outcomes of the establishment As far as profit and money related administration. Point and objectives: will be will characterize those implying of personal satisfaction change to anesthesia Also deliver how it could be attained.

Key words

AED, brain disease , Epilepsy and reflex.