Clinical and Electrophysiological Study of Peripheral Neuropathy in Upper Limb of Children on Hemodialysis Treatment

E.A.Nawar and W.A.EL Khayat"


This study looked on figure out the predominance and predictors for fringe neuropathy Previously, know youngsters for constant kidney sickness (CKD). May be should assess the clinical What's more electrophysiological abnormalities in upper limbs about kids once hemodialysis medicine In dialysis unit at Benha college clinic. Our investigation might have been acase control consider (descripitive What's more comparative). Those contemplate will a chance to be directed with respect to 60 kids those CKD gathering comprised of 30 patients, constantly on of them complained starting with limit phase irreversible renal failure, 20 on hemodialysis (GFR<15ml/min/1. 73m2) What's more 10 looking into preservationist medicine (GFR<60ml/min/1. 73m2) isolated as stated by shwartz recipe.

Key words

Peripheral Neuropathy, Hemodialysis Treatment.