Fetal Arterial Doppler Ultrasound in Late Weeks of Pregnancy in Relation to Neonatal outcome

A.M.Elewa, A.M.Sadek, S.T.Mostafa and N.A.Elsaeid"


Early prediction of adverse neonatal outcome would be possible by Doppler impedance indices of middle cerebral artery (MCA), umbilical artery (UmA), and descending aortal artery (AO) that result in decrease neonatal morbidity and mortality rate. the present study was: at diagnosis of placental dysfunction and fetal hypoxia by evaluation of fetal arterial Doppler velocimetry of Umbilical artery (UmA), Middle cerebral artery (MCA) and fetal descending abdominal Aorta (AO).Evaluation of cerebro-placental ratio (MCA/UmA) and cerebro-aortic ratio (MCA/AO) in late weeks of pregnancy will be studied as predictors for neonatal outcome in complicated and uncomplicated pregnancies. This study conducted at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Ultrasound Unit of Benha University Hospital and Benha Teaching Hospital on 100 pregnant women . 25% of included patients admitted to NICU , there was significant relation between NICU admission and MCA RI ,AO RI, AO PI. Ultrasound examination and Doppler monitoring provide a non-invasive repetitive method for supervising fetuses with any abnormalities in order to apply an adequate management.

Key words

Doppler, outcome,Umbilical, Pregnancy.