Study of the Effect of Nigella Sativa Oil and Its Loaded Nanoparticles on Acute Cystic Echinoncoccosis in Experimentally Infected Mice

I.M.Nagati1, I.R.Ali2, N.S.Aly1, H.S.Ali1, M.M.fawzy1 and S.M.kishik1"


Cystic echinococcosis (CE) are commonly found in the viscera of affected hosts. There were different methods of treatment of CE. Surgery is one of these methods by using different scolicidal agents for inactivation of protoscoleces, but they have side effects. Natural herbal extract are safe and have many pharmacological uses in different fields. Nigella sativa may be a standout amongst these natural extricate. Those exhibit contemplate meant should assess viability about nigella sativa Possibly alone alternately done mix with Albendazole What's more At they stacked around Chitosan nanoparticles once murine hydatid growth. Swiss pale skinned person mice were utilized within this consider Furthermore arranged under eight aggregations. The pill might have been administrated two months post spoiling to in turn two months span. After sacrifaction the appraisal of size and weight of the cysts were finished. The effects of this contemplate uncovered that, there were noteworthy viability altogether dealt with Assemblies p <0. 05 and profoundly critical for Assemblies stacked for chitosan nanoparticles in examination to control gathering. Clinched alongside conclusion, nigella sativa need beneficial impact to hydatid growth treatment Possibly alone alternately in mix. Stacking for pills on chitosan nanoparticles expanded those pills viability with the goal chitosan nanoparticles have possibility impact to help.

Key words

Hydatid, Albendazole, Nigella sativa, Chitosan nanoparticles.