Levels of Serum Nerve Growth Factor in Autistic Children in Benha City

A.A.Abou Amer1 , A.E.El-Sadek1 , J.H.Sabry2 and Sh.T.El-Bakry3"


It has been hypothesized that abnormal levels of serum nerve growth factor (NGF) may represent a serological marker for autistic children. The objective of this study was to measure serum NGF concentrations of autistic children and compare these levels with those of healthy children. We incorporated 20 mentally unbalanced know youngsters in the patients group, same time 20 sound kids were incorporated Concerning illustration controls. Then afterward history bringing Furthermore physical examination, serum ngf levels were measured for patients and control aggregations. No critical Contrast might have been distinguished the middle of patients Furthermore controls (p > 0. 05). Serum ngf might have been essentially lifted in the patients assembly contrasted with controls (220. 0 vs. 140. 0, p < 0. 001), and it needed a affectability about 85% What's more An specificity for 76% The point when its level will be higher over 185. 5 pg/ml. Moreover, serum ngf might have been fundamentally higher done cases with sure historical backdrop from claiming issues Throughout pregnancy and conception difficulties (P <0. 001). Our outcomes indicated that serum ngf focuses might make utilized Likewise An possibility symptomatic device over autism, however, further investigations including an expansive number about patients would needed to affirm those discoveries.

Key words

Nerve Growth, Autistic Children