Evaluation of Nano-Based-ELISA for Serodiagnosis of Human Toxoplasmosis

A.S.Al hamshary1, I.R.Bayoumi2 , N.S.Aly1, R.E.Omar1 , D.A.Mohammed1 , Y.M.Marei3 and G. A.Rashed1"


Toxoplasma surface antigen 1(SAG1) is a major surface antigen involved in the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis. Although it only accounts for 3-5% of total T. gondii protein, the majority of the antibodies are reactive against SAG1 during infection. SAG1 has potent immunogenicity and immune-reactivity; therefore, it is widely applied in diagnostic techniques. Will assess the symptomatic execution of a novel nano symptomatic elisa test Previously, serodiagnosis for human toxoplasmosis. Generation for list 1 What's more its purification might have been carried accompanied Eventually Tom's perusing preparation about igigi polyclonal antibodies Also its purification, characterization Furthermore conjugation with gold nanoparticles identification of Toxoplasma (SAG1) in the serum by nano-gold sandwich elisa uncovered 89. 2% affectability Also 94%, specificity. Nano-gold elisa method is a delicate test to identification of mankind's toxoplasmosis.

Key words