Multi Detector Ct & Endoscopic Examination of Gastric Carcinoma (Comparative Study)

M.M.Refat, I.M.Elshazly and E.J.Al Hurmuzi"


Accurate staging of gastric cancer is clinically important because the prognosis and choice of an optimal therapeutic approach are directly related to the stage of a neoplasm at time of presentation. The tumor-node metastasis (TNM) staging system is one of the most commonly used staging systems. Multi-detector CT (MDCT) is a powerful test for non-invasive evaluation of gastric cancer. MDCT not only detect primary tumors but also provide comprehensive staging, with accurate assessment of the neoplastic mass, regional and distant lymphadenopathy, and distant metastasis. to evaluate & comparison the role of multidetector CT with MPR images & upper endoscopy in the staging of gastric carcinoma. Inclusion criteria were patients who had histologically proven adenocarcinoma of the stomach based upon an upper gastrointestinal endoscopic biopsy. Water might have been utilized to gastric extension for 18 patients (10 men Also 8 women). On 2 patients, gas might have been utilized for gastric extension (1 mamoncillo Also 1 woman). MDCT for MPR might have been exceptionally of service in figuring out those profundity from claiming Attack of gastric tumor for generally correctness about 90. 9% to assessing serosal inclusion with/ without contiguous organ Attack. MDCT will be a handy device for TNM organizing for gastric carcinoma. S were as from claiming MPR pictures need enhanced those symptomatic precision about MDCT. Arranging about gastric malignancy empowers the Choice of the more effective What's more safer medication methodologies. Though whatever imaging technobabble may be recognized in the preoperative work-up, ct examine ought further bolstering be viewed Similarly as those modality from claiming decision.

Key words

MPR images, Multi-detector CT, Tumor-node metastasis and upper endoscopy.