The Effect of Thyroid Gland Dysfunction and Its Treatment on Left Ventricular Function using Tissue Doppler and Speckle Tracking

H.K.Rashed, M.A.Hamouda and A.B.Abdelsamie"


Thyroid hormones have a notable effect on the cardiovascular system and thyroid diseases have a prominent adverse effect on myocardial and vascular functions. Speckle tracking echocardiography is a more recent technique that provides a global approach to LV myocardial mechanics, giving information about the three spatial dimensions of cardiac deformation. With assess those impact about hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism Furthermore their medication once myocardial work Toward utilizing tissue doppler echocardiography Also dot following. Patients were partitioned under two groups: one assembly 1: incorporated 25 patients for as of late diagnosed hyperthyroidism. Bunch 2: included 25 patients with as of late diagnosed hypothyroidism. The greater part patients were subjected to full historical backdrop taking, full clinical investigations, 12 lead ECG, lab evaluation as complete blood count, kidney functions, lipid profile Also thyroid work tests, What's more undergone dot following during presentation Furthermore took after up then afterward 3 months for medicine. Patients with hypothyroidism patients with hyperthyroidism required a few progressions over certain parameters that show inclusion of systolic and diastolic work of the left ventricle. In spite of those qualities of the parameters were in ordinary range, they were fundamentally different, and additionally of the gatherings previously, then after medication. Also, A percentage of the echocardiography got parameters were reversible following 3 months for medication.

Key words

Thyroid Gland Dysfunction, Left Ventricular Function, Tissue Doppler, Speckle Tracking.