Evaluation of S100B Serum levels in non segmental vitiligo patients

N.E.Sorour1, O.H.Alkady1, A.A.El Fallah2, A.I.Mansour2 and W.W.Abdelwahab1"


Vitiligo is an acquired idiopathic and progressive skin disease characterized by loss of functioning epidermal MCs. In almost half of the patients, vitiligo starts before the age of 20 years however it can be seen at any age group with no significant sex difference. The aim of this work was to evaluate S100B serum levels in patients with active non segmental vitiligo (NSV) and its correlation with the disease in comparison with healthy controls. This study was conducted as a case control study, conducted on 60 patients suffering from NSV (Group1) which was further divided into two subgroups, 30 patients with active NSV(Group 1a) and 30 patients with stable NSV (Group 1b). For addition, 20 clearly sound people for matched agdistis Also sex were picked Likewise An control gathering (Group2). Patients were recruited from those outpatient facility for dermatology What's more Andrology section from claiming Benha college healing centers in the period from september 2018 should might 2019. The BSA might have been 4. 9±13. 6 %. The limbs were those The greater part ordinarily influenced destinations "around the contemplated patients (68. 3%). Serum level of S100B might have been noteworthy done NSV patients. There might have been a Exceedingly noteworthy certain correspondence the middle of serum level about S100B What's more BSA%. Also, there might have been non-significant connection between serum level about S100 b Around stable NSV patients and the examined variables. From the effects of available study, it is closed that S100B might assume a part in the pathogenesis of vitiligo Also might additionally change those clinical criteria of the illness.

Key words

NSV, S100B and Vitiligo.